Account schedule hierarchies in Power BI


Hierarchies are an important concept in most if not all BI-solutions. This is not different in Power BI. Hierarchies allow aggregating data on different levels – for example users may drill down into a date-hierarchy from the year-level to quarters,

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Filtering NAV’s OData with Power BI


From time to time we get questions on how to filter NAV data when working with Power BI. As an example let’s say we want to create a report on Item Ledger Entries in order to allow analyzing item sales

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Power BI with multiple companies in NAV – repeatable approach

Last year we blogged about how to use Power Query to create reports across all companies. – see here. That approach is still valid with the new Power BI. However it has a few drawbacks that we would like to

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Plug and Play solution for NAV Dimensions in Power BI


Handling NAV dimensions in Power BI has been a pain point since the first days of Power Pivot. Most solutions required that the dimension codes that were of relevance needed to be hard-coded as additional calculated columns to the fact

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Power BI Sessions @ Directions EMEA


Three intensive days in Mannheim are over now. We had three sessions – a Power BI best practices session on Monday and two workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday. We really enjoyed the sessions and the energy and involvement of the

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Open Dynamics NAV page directly from Power BI

In April 2014 we blogged about a new feature of our Excel-addin NAVBI that allows opening NAV pages from any Pivot table. Due to a limitation of pivot tables, the link had to be added to the drill-through (details) sheet. We

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Vote for ideas to improve Power BI


One of the great aspects of Power BI is the fact that Microsoft hears what partners and the community want. Thanks to short release cycles ideas can be implemented within short time. Power BI’s support platform is a good place to

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Learn best practices for Power BI on Microsoft Dynamics NAV at Directions


Do you want to learn some best practices for Power BI on Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Come to Directions EMEA in Mannheim to attend one of the workshops in which Hans Fousert from Mprise, Netherlands and Julian Wissel from navida, Germany provide you with exercises that guide you

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Beautify Power BI column names from NAV’s OData – function to replace underscores


ERP-Systems and BI solutions have it in common that columns should be as self-explanatory as possible. Power BI currently does not provide a way to create something like captions for fields. In contrast to NAV with multi language captions and

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Analyzing cohorts with Power BI (Stock market)


Recently I had an interesting conversation about the return of investment of different investment types. I was arguing that it would be difficult to lose money with stocks (such as index fonds based on the NASDAQ or DAX) if the

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